Instructional Software Lesson Plan

Integrating Software into Principles of Marketing

Grade: 11 and 12 grades in a dual enrollment class in the Colorado Community College System

Subject: Principles of Marketing

Subject Description: Presents the theoretical marketing processes and the strategies of product development, pricing, promotion and distribution and their applications to businesses and the individual consumer.

Lesson Title: Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • explain what is meant by a marketing channel of distribution and why intermediaries are needed.
  • describe factors that marketing executives consider when selecting and managing a marketing channel.
  • use industry vocabulary to meet learning objectives.

Colorado Common Course Numbering System
MAR 216 Principles of Marketing

Standard Competencies:
I. Develop a working knowledge of marketing terminology.
III. Define the basic elements of a marketing strategy.
VII. Explain the concepts of the marketing mix.

Instructor Material:
Access to Internet
Kahoot Account
Desktop or laptop with Internet access hooked up to a Smartboard
Textbook: Marketing The Core, by Kerin & Hartley, 6th ed., 2015 ISBN:978-0-07-772903-5

Student Material:
Access to Internet
Desktops stations with headsets with microphones enabled
Student mobile devices
Student blog already created in the first week of the semester
Textbook: Marketing The Core, by Kerin & Hartley, 6th ed., 2015 ISBN:978-0-07-772903-5

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Prior Knowledge: 10 weeks of Principles of Marketing class and student homework assignment of reading Chapter 12 of Marketing The Core.

Introduction: Teacher will spend fifteen minutes reviewing the key concepts and vocabulary for Chapter 12 that were covered in last week’s lesson.

Warm-up (Activate Prior Knowledge):

1) Instructor will ask all students to access their mobile devices.
2) They will then be instructed to go
3) Students will be given the pin number to access the Marketing Channels Kahoot quiz.
4) Students will be given ten minutes to individually take the kahoot quiz to develop automaticity with the marketing channel terminology.

Kahoot was chosen as drill and practice flash card activity where each student would be to test their knowledge and receive appropriate feedback. Students need to be able to quickly recall the key terms for the next part of lesson where they will conceptualize the terms.

Instructional Media:

McDonald’s Video Game
Screencast-o-matic video tutorial

Instructional Method:

An educational game, McDonald Video Game will be utilized in place of further lectures on marketing channels. The game although designed as a single player game will be played collaboratively with the student groups deciding which student takes on roles during this class period. The game should provide an opportunity for students to consider all aspects of the marketing by using a satirical look at McDonald’s supply chain.

After the warm-up activity, students will be directed to break into their previously assigned groups.  Each group will go to one of the computer stations in the class room. The student groups will have two hour to play the McDonald’s Video Game and create a screencast-o-matic that records screen capture with narration of the following terms from the game:

Marketing Channel
Multichannel Marketing
Intensive Distribution
Channel Conflict
Supply Chain


15 minutes Marketing Channel Review
10 minutes Kahoot Drill and Practice
15 minutes Groups relocate at computer station and locate website links for McDonald’s game, screencast-o-matic and screencast-o-matic tutorial.  Teacher confirms that all groups have found the proper sites and have made a screencast-o-matic account.
45 minutes Groups play McDonald’s Video Game
45 minutes Groups create their video with narration.
30 minutes Student groups show their video on the Smart board at the front of the class.

Guided Instruction

The teacher will observe students making accounts, playing the game and creating the screen capture offering reminders and encouragement. The teacher will intervene when required to help with navigation, concepts and finding any additional resources.


Students will utilize their group screen captures to write a 250 word assignment on their personal blog on the factors that marketing executives consider when selecting and managing a marketing channel.