Self Assessment

Blog Self- Assessment

I believe my blog posts are rich in content provide insight from the point of view of an instructional designer looking at concurrent enrollment for high school and community college. I did provide clear connections to real life situations in depth and detail.

I used and cited the readings from the course and other articles, books and blogs to support my comments. I used APA style to list all my references at the end of each blog post. Additionally I chose two of the resources each week to add to the class Diigo site.

All required posts were made but most were posted on the last day. It did give other learners time to respond but posting them earlier each week would have allowed more time for discussion.

I made two substantial posts each week to other learners’ blog posts. I offered suggestions, made connections with my work and my experiences and links to useful resources.

Self- Assessment Scoring

Content – 70/70
Reading and Resources – 20/20
Timeliness – 15/20
Responses to Other Students – 30/30
Total – 135/140


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